South Yorkshire

​First registered with the KC in 1975, we only occasionally have puppies for sale as we only have a litter when we want something to keep ourselves for showing. Our aim is to breed Collies that fit the breed standard but are also healthy and fit for function and an active life. Over the years our collies have been busy in and out of the show ring, herding cattle and sheep, enjoying Obedience and scent-work, and now our youngest is doing very well in agility with her co -owner in Ireland. Most of all they are happy family pets. We DNA test our puppies and breeding adults as we want to use the best we can and work with what we have, while keeping to the original standard and maintaining a low coefficient  to take the breed forward without losing genetic diversity. 

Rosscarrs' Breath of Snow

Genetic Testing: CEA clear / clear, MDR1 + / +, DM clear / clear

Laoghaire was bred here but is now co-owned with Maria Trainor of Gramollace Collies in Ireland where she is enjoying success in the show ring as well as in Agility. She is first and foremost a much loved member of the family where she loves to keep the boys in line!

Orionsview Oiche Chiuin at Rosscarr

Genetic Testing: CEA clear / carrier, MDR1 + / -, DM clear / clear

Caoimhe has been only lightly shown but never out of the cards winning classes and placings at Open and Championship shows with BPIB BOB and RBOB wins.

Wicani Love on Blue Firdays at Rosscarr

Millie is now a great great grandmother but still has the occasional outing to a show in Veteran classes she is mother to 2 champions and has many winning progeny. She spends her retirement generally taking it easy at home but loves a visit to the beach for a run or on to the moors although she tires easily now as she thinks she is still a youngster and charges about like a nutter until she is tires herself out.

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