A 1 Year subscription to the iCollie Breeders Club.

This runs from the month you are instated into the Breeders Club, for 12 calendar months. 


Once you have purchased this membership, you will be sent a form to your email address, in which you will need to confirm you abide by the iCollie Breeders Code of Conduct, which includes a committment to genetic testing and improving the Kennel Club Breed Watch points of concern, as well as other more general and commonly used criteria such as positive breeding practices. Breach of this code of conduct can result in immediate removal from the Breeders Club. iCollie is not run for profit, but for breed education and to support puppy buyers and the Collie community. Therefore, all breeders who wish to advertise on our site must hold high standard of conduct.


Your Yearly membership price includes the cost of hosting and developing the site, as well as the cost of security certificates to ensure visitors to the site are protected from malware threats.

**Currently, membership price is waived, but we reserve the right to change this at any time**


Should you have any questions or wish to review the code of conduct before confirming this purchase, please email info.icollie@gmail.com.

iCollie Breeders Club - 1 Year Membership


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