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We will place your advert on the Available Puppies section of the site. You can display photos of the parents, the puppies, their genetic testing results, and as much text as you like - including show wins, titles, and the temperament of the parent dogs.


We currently get hundreds of viewers a month, and we do get puppy enquiries. We can direct prospective puppy owners to your adverts!


Adverts for puppies born will expire 8 weeks after placement, but you can contact us to extend or decrease this period.


We only set up adverts for pairings that are tested for, or are hereditary unaffected for, CEA (genetic testing), MDR1 and DM at a minimum. Proof of testing or status must be provided.

Puppy Colours and Coat Types

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Please include photos of the sire and dam, and the puppies, if possible.

Please send us copies of your dogs genetic testing certificates if we do not have them already. If your dog's results are on MyKC already, please indicate and we will accept these.

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